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What Is Forum

Internet forums are facilities available on the internet, and users can discuss. This internet-based forum has been known since 1995, and its functionality is similar or even better than the internet bulletin boards and mailing lists that have existed since the 1980s. The feeling of virtual community often arises in forums that have regular members. Technology, computer games, and politics are the most popular themes on Internet forums, but there are many more. In internet forums, you can find various people from all over the world, that is if you enter an international forum. So that way, you can communicate together with that person, so that you get the information you want and need. There are so many things that you can get if you join an international forum. Especially if you have a good forum profile for other people to visit. In the forum, there are several sections that have different functions from each other. The components of building a forum consist of the following, including:

  1. Forum Profile As the name implies, wixsite forum is a profile of the user or users in a particular forum. So you could say, wixsite forum is a person's identity in which he can write various kinds of writing, such as the expression of one's heart or another. On the forum profile, you can also place pictures, videos, gifs, and so on. Everyone in the forum can see you if you place a photo or video in your forum profile. So from there, you can communicate with everyone who is already a member of the forum that you are in. That way, the forum can run properly according to its function, namely as a means of exchanging ideas and discussing with one another. Which aims to get the latest information and feedback from users or other users in the forum. Make wixsite forum as interesting as possible by discussing topics that are interesting and fun to discuss. That way, the feedback that happened was very good in a forum.

  2. Discussion Forum The word discussion comes from the Latin discutio or discusum which means to exchange ideas. In English, the word discussion is used which means negotiation or conversation. In terms of terms, discussion means negotiating/exchanging ideas about a problem: to understand, find the cause of the problem, and find a solution. This discussion can be carried out by two-three people, tens, and even hundreds of people. Discussion is a process of exchanging information, opinions, and elements of experience on a regular basis with the aim of getting a clearer, more thorough understanding of something or to prepare and finalize conclusions/statements/decisions. There are always debates in the discussion. Debate is an argumentation, understanding and persuasion ability to win someone's thoughts/understanding.

  3. Question Forum Question forum is a service that provides questions for its users. So anyone can ask questions in it so that the communication relationship with the forum owner becomes better with feedback. This is very useful for those of you who want to find additional information more clearly and certainly in detail. Because, everyone's questions will be different according to their point of view and what they want to ask. So, this question forum is very helpful for users who are still confused in discussing a problem in a forum.

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