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                            Accelerated Degree

 8 Week Courses

 2 Courses Per 8 Weeks

In the classroom, online or hybrid

    Mentored Learning

Tranfer Credits & Life Learning

A student may attempt to complete a bachelor’s or other degree, in less than the calculated traditional time.  An Accelerated Degree degree is structured to make it possible for students to complete their educational program in fewer than a more traditional education can facilitate. Many accelerated academic programs are available online, in hybrid format or via the physical classroom settings.Traditional bachelor’s degrees are comprised of 8 16-week semester sessions with summer and intensive classes. College classes are typically provided in units, which are tied to the number of hours students spend in the classroom. Because most wish to develop their targeted skills, than get on with their futures, a traditional learning setting delays that goal. With an accelerated and focused learning path, the personal goal of moving on to a career is appealing and practical. 

Accelerated Courses and Programs


1. Our method breaks from the semester or quarter system entirely, offering “just in time” education, with 8-week courses starting frequently. In this type of accelerated program, students focus intensely on no more than two courses at a time. They are able to complete requirements for their major up to twice as fast as the traditional 16-week, semester-based schedule.


2. Acceleration is also a flexible and a skills-based education. Life Learning, transfer units, competency testing and internships, are other ways that universities have developed for students to facilitate rapid progress and learning. We are looking forward to introducing you to our Accelerated Learning Degree Programs. Accelerated Learning and Degree Programs are smart, efficient and more affordable. 

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