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In 1969, California Graduate School of Theology (Cal Grad) (Haven University} opened its academic door to provide the highest level quality of theological education possible. It marked a new era for Christian Education as Cal Grad focused on being an interdenominational graduate school with affordable tuition rates, top level scholars at the lecture podium, and a schedule that was designed to meet the demands of the working pastor or student interested in advancing in their Christian education. Today these ideas are common-place but it was Cal Grad that first blazed the trail for such a program of study. [Background image is the Student Body of 1969]


Over 6,000 students have taken pride in being students of Cal Grad. During its 51 year history, the names associated with Cal Grad have included such renowned Christian leaders as: D. James Kennedy, Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Jerry Falwell, David Hocking, I.D.E. Thomas, Dr. Allan Streett, Dr. Mark Rutland, Dr. Don Wilson and Jack Hayford. What is perhaps most noteworthy is that since its inception, The quality of education is understood in the integrity of the classroom instruction, the academic credentials of the professors and administrators, and the ministry accomplishments of the graduates.

As of 2019, California Graduate School of Theology continues to bring influence under the banner of Haven University. 

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