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Faculty|Administration|Director| Staff

Kang Won Lee


Chief Executive Officer


Brian K. Trott

Dean of Administration  Student Affairs

M.Div. Director


Professor of Theology

Professor of Leadership

Ph.D., California Graduate School of Theology

D.Min.,Haven University

M.Div., American Christian Theological Seminary

EDS., Administration, Flinders, Adelaide, Australia

EDS., Politics, Philosophy, History, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

B.A. Western Teachers College, Adelaide, Australia

Joshua Smith

Academic Dean

Joseph LoMusio

D.Min. Director

Senior Professor of Old Testament

Ph.D., Newport University

M.A., Talbot School of Theology

B.A., Arizona Christian University

Abraham J. Choi

B.A Director

Professor of Systematic Theology

D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary

M.Div., Hanshin University

BE., Chonbuk National University.


Linda Wainwright Trott

Director of Administration
Professor of Theology
Professor of Leadership

Ph.D., California Graduate School of Theology

D.Min, Haven University

EDS., Azusa University

M.A, Azusa University

M. Div., American Christian Theological Seminary

B.A., Barry University

A.A, Miami Dade College


Director of General Education (Acting)



James Koo

D.B.A., Pacific States University

M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary

MBA, Graduate School of Dongguk University

B.S., Korea University

       Tanya Mcdonald

MA., University of Phoenix

MS., Springfield University

B.S., Springfield College

Center for Credentialing & Education, Greensboro, NC

Human Services Board Certified Practitioner 


Chuck Trout


President of Alumni Association

Professor of Theology

Professor of Business

D.Min., Haven University

M.B.A., California Coast University

Wade L. Whitcomb

Senior Professor of

New Testament

D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary

M.Div., Talbot School of Theology

   B.S., Biola University



HeeKyu Choi

Professor of Practical Theology

D.Min.,Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi

Th.M., International Theological Seminary

    Th.M., Westminster Theological Seminary

       B.A., Calvin Theological College of Seminary

B.A., Free Church of Scotland College


HeeKap Lee

Associate Professor of

Practical Theology

Ph.D., Indiana University

M.A. Cincinnati Bible Seminary

M.A., Yon Sei University,, Seoul, Korea

B.A., Han Yang University, Seoul, Korea


Seongcheol Paeng

Professor of General Education

Professor of Business

Ph.D. Candidate, Claremont Graduate University

M.A., Korea University

B.E., Korea University


Yun Sim Lee

Professor of Practical Theology

Professor of Christian Counseling

Ph.D Candidate, HIS University

M.A., Kentucky Christian University

B.A., Han Yang University

David Oh_edited.png

David Oh

Professor of Practical Theology

Th.M., International Theological Seminary

M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary

B.S., Cal Poly Pomona


Barbara Gilliam 

Professor of Practical Theology


Jean Cho


Tien Nguyen


Jacob Park

Country  Directors

thumbnail_Bongoyok Haven University_edit

Moussa Bongoyok

Director of Francophone Africa Region

 Prapahan Nawrat


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