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Bachelor of Arts
in Religion


Admission | A high school diploma or its academic equivalent is required for admission to the B.A.R. program. It is recommended that the applicant's previous academic preparation include liberal arts studies such as English, history, science, math, and social sciences. The student should be proficient in the English language. Applicants should have letters of recommendation from instructors and a pastor regarding academic and spiritual qualifications to pursue an education in religion. An interview with a Haven University faculty member is required and can be arranged through the school office.

At California Graduate School of Theology - Haven University, we are passionate about providing students with a world-class education in Christian theology and ministry. Our mission is to equip and empower our students to serve the Christian church and society through theological education innovation and research.We offer a range of degree programs, including our innovative DMin program. This program is customized to meet the needs of each student, and is designed to be both practical and academic. It is the ideal choice for those in church, faith-based nonprofit, missions or digital ministry.

The purpose of Bachelor of Arts in Religion is to prepare men and women for faithful ministry in Church and society. Committed to a learned ministry for church and society, the school welcomes qualified students without regard to denomination, race, sex, or physical disabilities. The school seeks to strengthen and deepen the spiritual life of students, and through classroom and other academic activities, to engage them in critical discussions about the Bible and theology with probing questions regarding faith and life in today's world.


The Bachelor of Arts in Religion (B.A.R.) degree program is designed for students who have successfully attained a high school diploma or its equivalent and who desire introductory academic instruction in religious studies/theology. This program is designed as the educational and spiritual foundation for a future in Christian ministry, Christian education, and supplying the Christian man or woman with an education that will assist in their Christian life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. This program may also serve as the foundation for the Masters degree program of study in theology or divinity.

Course Requirements​| A total of 120 units of course work with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation. The courses are primarily lecture, class discussion, and research with an expectation that the student can write college level papers for each class.

A maximum of 90 semester units of comparable work may be transferred toward the B.A.R. degree from recognized universities, colleges, or community colleges. In addition, students may petition to substitute electives for core requirements if they have previously taken and passed courses of the same content elsewhere.

Completion of the minimum requirements does not automatically qualify the student for the Bachelor of Arts in Religion degree. He or she must have shown evidence, to the satisfaction of the Degree Committee, of consistent Christian character, potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, and commitment to the primacy of the divinely authoritative Scriptures, interpreted in the framework of historically orthodox and creedal Christian theology.

Course Program


General Education - 42 [Credit Units]

Biblical Studies  - 30 [Credit Units]

Theology - 21 [Credit Units] 

Practical Theology  - 21 [Credit Units]

Chapel & Ministry -  [Credit Units] 


English as




of Arts

in Religion


of Arts

in Religion







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