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                     What People Are Asking ?


What is a mentor program?


We assign a faculty person to guide you, develop your personal and professional skills and help you Transition into the workplace.


Will I be able to afford the program?


Our program was designed to be affordable, also students can manage their lifestyle without worrying about financial stress.


What does it mean to be a life changer ?


We will introduce you to character-based values and principles that will develop you into a life changer and help others.


 What are the class sizes?


Our classes have a 10:1 ratio of students to a faculty facilitator.


What is an accelerated  program?


We offer 8-week sessions, six times a year. There are two sessions in the fall, spring and summer.



How many classes do I take per session?


You can manage the number of courses per 8-week term around your personal and work schedule.


Do faculty have industry experience?


Most of our faculty have over 20 years of industry experience and have been in senior management positions.


Do I get the same rigor and academic learning at a major University?

 Yes, our curriculum and textbooks are modeled after major Universities. Faculty are experts in their field of study, teaching for decades in the classroom.


Will I meet business owners and significant leaders in the corporate environment?

 We have partnered with business owners and leaders in the community.

Imagine working with them to help solve their organizations’ challenges.

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