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TESOL Director 

"The functional curriculum, the post-method instruction, and the accreditation status of Haven University should qualify the student teachers in the field of teaching English to speakers of other language. The fundamental background and the effective practicality strengthen the student teachers to be able to teach English as a second language, English as a foreign language, English as an international language and English for specific purposes. The accreditation of the university would help the student teacher work on the principles of the TESOL career, the well-prepared rudiments of the program would train the student teachers with the professional strategies, and the professorial training would have the student teachers marshal the lesson planning for effectiveness in teaching English to speakers of other languages. I posit that these top-notches aforementioned should help you possess the intuitional and logical concepts on the best TESOL program of ours and not hesitate to register for the goal of your first or second career as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. The best possibility is of yours. Yours for lifelong learning!"       Dr. Tri Ly Lam       



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