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Many students are working part-time while registering at CGSOT due to financial difficulties. Also, many work in churches and companies in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. School staff will help you to find part-time jobs through contact with graduates and local churches. International students are not allowed to work.


CGSOT does not provide housing for students. However, the staff can provide advice and information that can find suitable housing. Students can also borrow a room around the school through local churches, newspapers, offices, etc. Some students may rent apartments together and live together. Most married students are looking for convenient places that are easy to live and places close to the school themselves.


CGSOT provides many books and resources for students. The library staff will help you to find other books or order them.



Students can get consultation in various ways. Administrative staff and faculty members can provide consultation in general matters and when you need special consultation you can receive various consultation services in several places near the school. CGSOT does its best in order to help plan new students' lives and academic programs. In particular, department counseling will help you understand the curriculum of the student's subject process and what course you should choose.


Scholarships are offered to students. Students must submit a scholarship application which will be reviewed by the school. Students who participate in the scholarship program have to serve in the regional church and have to volunteer and participate in the school.

Please contact the office of the school office for more details.

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